Thursday, May 6, 2010

Interview with Greg McElroy

This quarterback is one of my favorites in college football. He took his Alabama Crimson Tide to the BCS National Championship and won. Alabama has a good chance in repeating next season with the help of Greg McElroy, their senior quarterback. Here is my interview with this pre-season Heisman nominee:

BW: How important is it for you to have a great receiver?

GM: Having a big-time wide receiver is extremely important. Not only for myself, but for the offense as a whole. Julio [Jones] has been as reliable as anyone in the country for the past few years and on every play he occupies at least two defenders. That goes a long way in allowing for the offense to be successful and allowing other wide receivers to have success.

BW: In your career you have played with two Heisman candidates including last year's winner [Mark Ingram], are you the next to win it?

GM: would love to think that my name would be mentioned for an individual award such as the Heisman Trophy, however, I would be completely content playing my role in the offense and having the best season as a team possible. Individual awards are great, but most people would trade them in for wins.

BW: What is your favorite part about Alabama football?

GM: My favorite part would have to be the tradition and the atmosphere on game day. Alabama stops for three hours every Saturday afternoon to tune into the Tide. That is extremely special and I know every player on the team is grateful for such terrific fan support.

BW: What goals would you like to accomplish this season?

GM: I would like to make steady improvements throughout the season next year. I am not a huge believer in long-term goals, but I feel that it is very important to focus on the process that it takes to obtain success. Coach Saban has instilled that mindset in us, and I like to practice it day in and day out.

BW: What quarterback would you compare yourself to?

GM: I would compare myself to Peyton Manning. I know that is extremely high praise, but I think we are very similar in the way we prepare for opponents and try to beat opponents intellectually.

BW: What was it like playing head to head with Tim Tebow?

GM: It was great. I've known Tim for a number of years and he has had so much success. It was great to be able to compete on a level playing field against someone who has meant so much to the college game. He is a fantastic competitor and I wish him luck for the remainder of his career.

BW: Did Florida make the right decision in taking Tebow over you? [The Gators had a choice in taking Tebow or McElroy when they were in high school]

GM: Well, I must say that knowing my playing style versus Tim's, I think Florida definitely made the right decision. He was perfect for their offense and had tremendous success in his four years playing for the Gators.

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