Monday, May 3, 2010

Interview with Da'Quan Bowers

Da'Quan Bowers is defensive end on the Clemson Tigers. Bowers was a top prospect out of high school in 2008. Da'Quan is now a highly ranked 2011 NFL Draft prospect and in some sportswriters say that he is a front-runner to be the top pick of the NFL Draft. Here is my interview with Reggie White's clone:

BW: How did you learn to play football and when did you start playing?
DB: Well I started playing football around the age of 7 and I learned from an
older cousin who played at Clemson.

BW: What is your favorite NFL team?
DB: I am a Dallas Cowboy fan converting to a Eagle fan because of my cousin
Ricky [Sapp] being drafted.

BW: Why does an NFL team want you on their team? What will you bring to the
DB: I bring leadership, and a work ethic, and they will be getting a hungry player.

BW: What are your goals for college football and after that?
DB: My college goal is to be a champion, and to go pro.

BW: What NFL coach do you want to play for?
DB: I would love to play for Bill Belichick [New England Patriots coach].

BW: What individual honor is most important to you?
DB: The most honarable honor I have gotten was the Under Armor MVP in first year.