Saturday, May 8, 2010

Interview with Robert Quinn

He is ranked third on Mel Kiper's 2011 big board. He is just 19 and a superstar Tar Heel defensive end. Robert Quinn is his name and this star even battled brain cancer. Here is an interview with my second Tar Heel superstar of the past two months:

BW: Who Is your idol and why?

RQ: I dont have one now, but I used to be a huge Deion Sanders fan.

BW: Did battling brain surgery help you on the football field? Why or why not?

RQ: Yes, because it’s making me go hard every play.

BW: What NFL player are you most like?

RQ: I have no idea.

BW: What NFL quarterback do you dream of sacking?

RQ: All of them.

BW: Would you say the UNC-Duke football rivalry is close to the basketball?

RQ: Not at all.

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