Friday, February 12, 2010

Interview with Earl Weaver

Earl Weaver is a former Major League Baseball manager. He spent his entire managerial career with the Baltimore Orioles, managing the club from 19681982and 19851986. Weaver was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996.

BW: Did your ejections spark your team up?

EW: Sometimes it did.

BW: Why did you make pitchers your DH’s?

EW: Well (chuckles) that takes too long to tell you this. It’s a story where the night before, they changed pitchers on me in the first inning. And I had put in and I put in Lee May as my designated hitter. I had always switched Lee May and Pat Kelly, right hander and left hander. When they switched pitchers in the first inning, I pinch hit Lee may. The following night I said, “I can fix that if they try to do that again.” I would write in a pitcher as my designated hitter and when the time comes, I pinch hit for the pitcher I still have Lee May and Pat Kelly available for duty.

BW: What were your World Series' like?

EW: Well winning in 1970 was wonderful, we’ll say losing in 1979 after being up 3 to 1 was horrible.

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