Thursday, March 4, 2010


After his big league [scripted] apology, it leaves me still wondering if Tiger Wood's return will be at Augusta? I hear all the stuff on the radio where people are saying how he would be bombarded with questions about his affair. I promised on December 2, I would never badmouth Tiger, and I don't intend on it. (First line=Just a Joke) So is Tiger returning for the Masters?

A return at Augusta would set the ratings on fire. I know my grandpa is always eating his pretzels on his comfy chair wishing that it was Tiger playing instead of YE Yang and PinkMan, Ian Poulter. I want to hear your thoughts about Tiger returning. I want every reader to answer the poll on the right of the page. I want to hear your thoughts more than ever.

Coming soon: My true idea of steroids in sports. Plan on it to be sent to Selig and you guys get a first look. Check back every day to see if it's up.

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