Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interview with Lee MacPhail

Lee MacPhail is a former administrator in Major League Baseball. MacPhail was a front office executive for 45 years, serving as the director of player personnel for the New York Yankees, the president and general manager of the Baltimore Orioles, chief aide to Commissioner of Baseball William Eckert, executive vice president and general manager of the Yankees, and president of the American League. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998.
Here is my interview:

BW: How was it being a General Manager?

LM: Good.

BW: And the GM for the Yankees?

LM: I wasn’t GM for Yankees. Well I was in a way for a long time.

BW: How does it feel being the Hall of Fame?

LM: I’m in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Thank you.

BW: No, how did it feel?

LM: Very pleasant. Very lucky. Very thankful after all those years.

BW: How does it feel to go down in history with the Pine Tar Game?

LM: (chuckles) I don’t know. I’m happy to be alive.

By the way he is the oldest living Hall of Famer. He's 92 years old.

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