Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Colts, Saints. Did I not say it a few weeks ago? Peyton vs Drew is becoming a horse race just as close as having Gaga, Swift, and Beyonce going for Album of the Year on Sunday. They are the two best quarterbacks of the year and both have wonderful offenses. They have the best receiving crews too. Haitian Pierre Garcon and BYU's Austin Collie (who I both had in fantasy this year) had break out games against the Jets mixed with Reggie Wayne, Joe Addai, and Dallas Clark make them a dominant offense. But I personally love the Saints O. I love their two back situation of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas and the fact the depth of their receivers is crazy good. Hofstra's Marques Colston along with Devery Henderson, Lance Moore, Courtney Roby, Robert Meachem and a hopefully healthy Jeremy Shockey show how amazing the Saints are. Speaking of being healthy, the Colts are praying to the football heavens that Dwight Freeney is healthy while Sean Carroll is begging for him to be too injured to get to his QB. But here is the funny thing about this years Super Bowl. Archie Manning, father of Peyton and Saints legend, is tugging for the Colts instead of his team, the Saints. During the year, Archie gave some tips about Peyton to Drew, looking like a dumb move with a Colts loss. That's only one of the story-lines of this Super Bowl. Besides this being the first time that two teams who were 13-0 meet in the Super Bowl and that Caldwell took the Colts to the big game despite throwing in Painter against the Jets, there are some other funky stats. There are two Heisman Hopefulls and one winner in the game(Peyton Manning, Chase Daniel; Reggie Bush), Drew Brees got good in football by playing flag football, and two players in the game were dumb mistakes to get rid of by NY teams (Shockey and Jonathan Vilma).

I'm going to have to stick with my gut on this one. Saints 28, Colts 20.
I've felt Colts all week but I'm feeling Sainty.

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