Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interview with Derrick Favors

"Forgetting pressure from Obama, I think that LeBron will end up wearing a Knick jersey."

No wonder why Brett Favre came out of retirement! It isn't easy taking a 7-8-week hiatus and I didn't even leave yet. So I have a list of interviews for after camp, but first lets take a look at a premier NBA player (or in an hour he will be).

If you followed NBA mock drafts you saw this guys name listed after the top two players, John Wall (Kentucky) and Evan Turner (Ohio State). That is Derrick Favors, the 6' 10" power forward, freshman from Georgia Tech. Favors at just 18, is rumored to be selected by the New Jersey Nets at tonight's NBA Draft (7 ET on ESPN). This soft-spoken giant took the time out of the happiest day of his life to do an interview for The King of Sports Blog. Here we go:

BW: What are your NBA goals?

DF: To win championships and to be considered one of the best players in the game.

BW: Who is your idol and why?

DF: Kobe Bryant because how hard he works and plays and that he is a good person overall.

BW: When did you know that you were great?

DF: My senior year in high school I knew was going to be drafted into the NBA.

BW: Who do you look forward to playing against?

DF: Everybody and anybody who is in the NBA.

BW: Are you nervous to become a top NBA draft pick?

DF: No, I’m not nervous. I’m ready for it and ready to work hard and improve my game.

BW: What has been the best opportunity that has arisen for you because you are such a star?

DF: Being able to go to the NBA and to the Draft in New York.

BW: What advice do you have for someone trying to get better at basketball?

DF: The biggest thing is to work hard and keep your head on straight and work hard.

BW: Will you be comfortable being a New Jersey Net tonight considering that trading you and many other picks is possible throughout the summer?

DF: Yeah I'm comfortable. I’m happy to be here at the NBA Draft no matter where I go.

I left out something important on my [not so] farewell posting. Where LeBron James will land! I think that LeBron will go. I don't think it is where Mr. Favors will be drafted which probably is New Jersey and I don't see him as a member of the Miami Heat. So that leaves my state, New York, and the other city I love, Chicago. Forgetting pressure from Obama, I think that LeBron will end up wearing a Knick jersey. I feel like I am going to barf saying that because that is what I never imagined, but all the pieces aim to New York. With Tom Izzo not going to Cleveland that said that he loves Michigan State, but that LeBron was not a guarantee in Cleveland, but if he signed with the Cavs, all signs lead to his hometown. Comment below on your LJ23 picks.

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