Sunday, August 15, 2010

Interview with Marty Lyons

I am home! And I haven't wasted any time to start up blogging. Marty Lyons played 11 seasons on the New York Jets at defensive tackle. In the early 1980's, Mark Gastineau, Abdul Salaam, and Joe Klecko formed the Jets "New York Sack Exchange." Marty is the chairman of the Marty Lyons Foundation, which fulfills the wishes of terminally ill children and teenagers. Visit their website at

Here is my interview with Mr. Lyons:

BW: Who was your football idol and why?

ML: Growing up in Florida I really didn’t have a football idol. My idols were my 3 older brothers. I wanted to be as good as them or better. They set the bar pretty high in the Lyons’ Sports Arena.

BW: What was the greatest moment of your career?

ML: Being elected by my college teammates as the defensive captain of our National Championship Team in 1978.

3. Who was the most difficult offensive lineman to get past?

Dwight Stephenson from the Miami Dolphins and John Hannah from the New England Patriots. Funny thing is, they both attended the University of Alabama.

4. What was it like getting the opportunity to play for Coach Bear Bryant?

Playing for Coach Bryant molded me into the person I am today. He taught us to respect the game, respect our family, respect our teammates and most of all, respect life.

5. Who was your favorite teammate?

In the pros, I had two favorite teammates. The first one is Joe Klecko. If you were going to war, Joe would always have your back. The second one is Kenny Schroy. He’s been a teammate not just on the field but off the field as well. Kenny is a lifetime teammate.

In college, Rich Wingo and Murray Legg were my favorites. 30 years after being teammates in college, they are both still only a phone call away.

In high school, my favorite teammate was Ted LaVenture. He has been there through thick and think, good times and bad, he’s the best.

6. What was the greatest lesson you ever learned?

Respect yourself and others. Give more then you received, live life to the fullest, touching as many people as possible along the way. Change the way people think and change the way people act by your actions not your words. Remember 4 things you should do every day to be a better person: Live, love, laugh and be happy. To make a difference in this world all you have to do is CARE!!

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