Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thanks For The Memories


A few nights ago I had a dream about that I was a kid when September 21 popped up on the calendar in 2008 and it was all over. I thought about the title for this article to make you readers cry. I thought of titles like "Bye" and "But Its Over Now" from Rihanna's smash hit but it came to this. I was sad from the arrival of the historical Sports Illustrated in my PO Box where the title is," It's Gone: The Passing of Baseball's Cathedral." This is the same field where Mantle and Ruth and Gehrig and Maris and Jeter all stepped foot. They really thank G-d for wearing pinstripes. My first impression of the new Yankee Stadium will be "WOW!" and then "WOW this place has no history yet." My friend who dreams of working in baseball quotes, " The only reason this place is getting knocked down is because the Steinbrenner's wouldn't be able to live if the Mets had a nicer stadium then the Yanks." Who knows! It will be the saddest day in Yankee history when this ballpark is knocked down. Who knows who will get the last pitch and hit? It should be Mo and Jeter but you never know. It could even be George Sherrill and Brian Roberts for all we know.

You name it that, sport was played at the stadium. Boxing, football, and of course our beloved baseball. Some of my greatest memories happened at the ballpark like watching Boone jack the homer in '03 to keep the curse living and of course some of my worst memories happened out on 161st street like watching the Bronx Bombers choke in '04. I cried hysterically that night. As the last games have began to approach I got my last look at the stadium on the 13th of September as part of a double header against the Tampa Bay Rays. I almost cried walking out of their. The Bronx Bombers won 6-5. All 26 championships, the most of any sports teams ever, have been won at this historic monument. Once again Yankee Stadium, the Steinbrenner family, all the players and coaches, and all the die hard, Bronx Bombers fanatics who go wild when ever this team wins any stinkin' game the fans thank you for all the legendary memories that are unforgettable and will always be in the record books. The fans hope more then 26 championships come at the new Yankee Stadium.

Here is the new Mastercard commercial or what it should be:

Decent Seats to the last home game: $200
A Hot Dog and a Coke: $10
Souvenir Baseball: $25
Catching the last home run: PRICELESS

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