Saturday, October 4, 2008

4 Up, 4 Down

Sorry but another curse has struck this blog. My NLCS selection, Brewers and Cubs (my World Series pick) are down 2 to nothing along with the other pick to join Chicago in the World Series, the Angels. My World Series Picks, one of my ALCS picks, and the NLCS pick are all down two. I hope you didn't put money down on the playoffs because of my picks. The Cubs have been a brutal disaster after making error after error, the Angels lost that game in the first last night, White Sox, YUCK, and last of all the Brewers, No No For C C. Even though I will probably jinx these teams but here are my new picks:


Dodgers, 4, Phillies 3


Red Sox 4, Rays 2

Manny gets his shot at the BoSox and wins a title in blue socks as the Dodgers defeat the Red Sox 4 to 3.

Playoff MVP's

NL: Manny Ramirez
If Manny keeps up these homers he is the leader of the Dodgers.

AL: Jason Bay
Bay has been hot and I think he is who Boston is depending on at the plate and in left.

Sorry Amy but I think you will have to wait another 100 years.
(Let's hope the jinx works)

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