Friday, April 25, 2008

Ocho Cinco

Chad Johnson in 2006 took up the nickname "Ocho Cinco" because his number was 85 and 85 in Spanish is ocho cinco. Well Mr. Ocho Cinco is about to be sitting in the freezing cold for 16 or more games.

Chad declared that he must be traded and he said, "I will not lose this battle [to Marvin Lewis, the head coach]." Marvin told the press there hasn't been a single trade offer since the Redskins offer and if he wants to skip training camp, go right ahead but he will be sitting the season. It hasn't been figured out why Chad wants to leave Cincinnati but why wouldn't a team want a Pro Bowl wide receiver besides the fact that he's nuts.

How could the Bengals get two first-round picks for Chad Johnson in that proposal by the Redskins and turn it down? The first-round pick, No. 21 overall in this year's draft, would have been amazing. Next year's third-rounder would have escalated to a second-rounder if Johnson caught 80 passes in 2008 and a first-rounder in '09 if he caught 95 passes. Those achievements are not impossible because Johnson would be well used.

Will a Pro Bowler not be doing his dances from the end zone this year because they are going on in the locker room?

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