Monday, April 7, 2008

NHL Playoffs

The NHL Playoffs begin on Wednesday. There are some great match-ups and here are the top two.

Eastern Conference Best Match-up: New Jersey Devils .vs. New York Rangers

The rivalry is back again in a classic 4 and 5 seed series. The Devils have home-ice advantage by only 1 game but that won't pay any part in the turnout. The Devils can't sell out a playoff game and 40% of the fans at the beautiful new arena are Ranger fans. I know Marty Brodeur is wonderful but the Rangers are to dangerous all game long. Jagr, Drury, Gomez, Shanahan, and Henrik Lundqvist are the game time leaders and then the great Nigel Dawes kills in a shootout. The Devils used to be the kings of playoff hockey but it is time for a new giant in town. Turnout: Rangers 3 to the Devils 2.

Western Conference Best Match-up: Detroit Red Wings .vs. Nashville Predators

Nashville has so much momentum sneaking into the playoffs on the last day. Nashville is a feisty team. Nashville will give Detroit lots of trouble. The season record was 5-3 in favor of Detroit. Detroit will sneak away in 5.

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Anonymous said...

Brad - You know we don't follow sports but I love the blog. The graphics are really cool. Let's see how your predictions play out. My cousin is a sports announcer at ESPN radio in CT. You may have a future career here! Miss you, Your Maryland Friends!!