Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interview with Andrew Luck

If you don't know Andrew Luck by now, you definitely will get to know him during this upcoming college football season. The Stanford football team may not have a magnificent season, but their quarterback, 20 year old, Andrew Luck, will dominate. WalterFootball.com projects Luck as the third overall draft pick, (2nd quarterback selected behind Washington's Jake Locker) to the Kansas City Chiefs. You may have heard of his father, Oliver Luck, who played quarterback at West Virginia University and Houston Olivers. Oliver Luck is also the President and General Manager of the MLS team, the Houston Dynamo.

Here is my interview with the Luck-iest quarterback on Earth:

Brad Wolff: You are projected a top-15 draft pick, have you given any thought to making this your last college season?

Andrew Luck: No. Not at all.

BW: What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

AL: The best advice I've ever gotten (pondering). That is a very good question. Respect people from my father.

BW: If you weren't a football player what occupation would you be?

AL: I would play soccer.

BW: When you aren't playing football, what are you doing?

AL: Hanging out with the guys on the team, playing video games, reading a book, or doing homework (chuckles).

BW: What NFL quarterback are you most similar to and why?

AL: All of those guys are a lot better than me, but if I had to pattern my game around anyone it would be Peyton Manning.

BW: What team that is on your schedule are you least looking forward to playing this season?

AL: I'm least looking forward to playing the Stanford defense.

(both chuckle)

BW: Are one of your goals for this upcoming season to win the Heisman Trophy?

AL: That would be great, but I figure that if the team is having a good season, that means that I'm having a good season. So if I'm in contention to win that trophy, then that must mean that my team is winning some games. So that would be a good thing.


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