Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interview with Toby Gerhart

Toby Gerhart is this year's Heisman runner up and argubly was the best halfback in college football this year. He decided to go to the NFL Draft this year even though he had an extra year due to an injury year in 2007. This interview was recorded at the Walter Camp in New Haven, Connecticut.
Fun fact: I interviewed him in an elevator leaving my hotel room.

BW: What team do you want to play for in the draft?
TG: (chuckles) It doesn't matter man. Whatever will give me a shot to play.

BW: You think you should've won the Heisman this year?
TG: (chuckles(again)) Nah, I mean, of course you wanna win it, but it turned out the way it is and Mark's a good guy. So I have no complaints.

BW: What made up your decision to go pro this year?
TG: A little bit of everything. I'm just ready to go. I have the chance, so I might as well.

BW: If you came back this year, do you think you would've won it (the Heisman)?
TG: Would I have won it. I have no idea.

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