Monday, March 31, 2008

Isiah, You're Fired

A New Yorker's favorite day of the year is the day when James Dolan gives Isiah Thomas, Basketball Hall of Famer, the pink slip. Thomas may be a great player but he deserves the induction to the Coaching Hall of Infamy.Thomas has now coached two treacherous years to be a fan. He's had five years of experience as a coach and his record is 184-216 and as the Knicks coach so far the record is 53-101 and hasn't gotten to the playoffs (and never will).Isiah isn’t much better as a general manager.

He has brought in ATROCIOUS chemistry, HORRIBLE players, and zero people who actually come to the game to watch the Knicks, not their opponents. It is a waste of time and money. If you haven't realized James Dolan is the only one who likes him. His players he brought in don't even respect him.

Indiana Pacers Donnie Walsh and Rick Carlisle could become the new head coach. If Dolan's smart he should fire Isiah and not get another head coach from the Pacers organization because last time it didn't work out so well.

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